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Events & Vibrant Life

Full-time activity programming tailored to residents’ interests and abilities is the sole focus of The Stratford’s on-site Activities Department. Activities are planned based on input and suggestions from Stratford residents.

Ongoing educational programs, as well as opportunities and attendance at special events, complement these activities and create an uplifting and engaging atmosphere at The Stratford.

April Outings & Events

4/2 – 11:30 Lunchtime classical music
4/3 – 2:00pm Professional Opera Recital starring Matthew Optiz
4/5 – 3:00pm Music Social w/ Ken Walker
4/9 – 11:00am Lunch Outing to Lobsterfest @ Red Lobster
4/10 – 12:00pm Stratford April Birthday Luncheon
4/12 – 3:00pm Music Social with Mary Hollan
4/13 – 11:30am Guns and Hoses BBQ Lunch
4/16 – 11:00am Juliette Club Lunch outing to English Rose Tea Room
4/17 – 1:00pm Ice Cream out to Baskin Robbins
4/17 – 2:00pm The Great Masterpieces of the Louvre with Cynthia Peer
4/18 – 2:00pm Tea with Me: Executive Director Marcia Turner
4/19 – 3:00pm Music Social with Dallas West
4/23 – 11:00am Romeo Club Lunch Outing-Outback Steakhouse
4/24 – 3:00pm New Resident Social
4/26 – 3:00pm Music Social with Angela Willison


With the adoption in Integral Senior Living’s Vibrant Life® program, we are the only community in town to provide an all-inclusive health and wellness experience. Thoughtfully designed to connect you with family, friends, and the community; our Vibrant Life program truly inspires, challenges — even dares you to be adventurous…

With a host of optional outings, you create your own schedule based upon your interests, preferences, routines, and abilities. Whether it is morning exercise, a sing-a-long at the piano, a trip to local attractions, or a dance with entertainment provided by local musicians, it’s your choice to join in the fun.