How Did I Start My End of Tenancy Cleaning Business?

Stratford, E15 - East London

It’s been a long journey to get here. One that has taken several detours, wrong turns in East London’s culture, and sometimes even the dead of night’s revelation. But I am here now, and I will tell you my story of how I started my end of tenancy cleaning business in Stratford, E15.

At first, it was daunting. After coming from a hospitality background (namely Stratford’s Epsilon Hotel), I wasn’t sure if entering into this new industry of cleaning private houses was a step in the right direction. So, I conducted extensive research on what it entailed and how much money could be made from it. When the potential financial rewards became apparent, so too did my enthusiasm for the venture that lay ahead.

From there, things began clicking into gear for me professionally and personally: equipping myself with all of the necessary insurance and certifications such as Health & Safety certificates, buying essential tools like vacuum cleaners and mops, finding reliable staff members, etc. I have become something of a master of announcing my deep clean services online – advertising on social media and creating fantastic marketing campaigns – the list goes on!

Inevitably, there were many proud moments throughout this journey of gaining momentum:

  • closing big deals with local Stratford estate agents
  • meeting my initial turnover goal within six months
  • starting out at zero and getting to over 75 bookings within five months
  • forming mutually beneficial relationships with other local businesses based in E15
  • getting great feedback from clients on jobs well done

These all helped further build my belief that I have chosen my calling after all.

Having reaped many benefits along the way left me wanting more!

You’d be interested to know that I’m currently embarking upon geographically expanding my Stratford-based end of tenancy cleaning operation. I am looking into affiliated opportunities. Ideally, I would like to add services such as carpet cleaning, exterior window cleaning (most probably Reach and Wash water-fed poles), etc.

What makes this entire venture worthwhile for me is seeing my customers satisfied. Making their lives just that bit easier by transporting them from a difficult situation (end of tenancy panic, when they have to vacate their rental properties) that would otherwise consume their time to one where they benefit from a wealth of solutions providing the convenience of stress-free solutions at its peak level. No matter who they may be or what predicament they are in now or in future tenancies! That’s really helped drive me forward until today, as each service performed comes straight out of gratitude towards each one of our clients whom we are forever thankful to have met along our journey

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